About Eightyfive

Eightyfive Clothing is a luxury fashion brand, established 2011 in Germany.Inspired by the founders visions, Eightyfive is about expressing these visions through clothes by pushing the limits of creativity. Each piece is designed with passion and attention to detail, reflecting the brand's commitment toquality craftmanship and innovation. Our journey began with a desire to redefine streetwear, blending elements of luxury and urban culture seamlessly. We believe that clothing is a powerful means of communication, allowing people to convey their personality, beliefs, and aspirations to the world.We carefully source materials, ensuring they meet high standards of quality and ethical production. Our designs are a testament to the ever-changing fashion industry, drawing inspiration from art,music, sports and contemporary trends.Eightyfive is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle of forward-thinking mindsetthat celebrates the spirit of those who dare to dream, create, and express themselves through the art of fashion.As we look towards the future, Eightyfive is poised to continue redefining the intersection of luxury and urban lifestyle, leaving an indeliblestatement in the fashion industry. 

Eightyfive's journey began as a multi-label store without its own brand identity. However, a compelling vision emerged within the founder – the desire to create a distinctive clothing line that encapsulated his unique perspective on style and creativity.As the idea took shape, the name „Eightyfive" had already gained recognition. This led to the decision to imprint the established name onto the garments, marking the inception of Eightyfive as an own brand.With this transition, the entire process expanded, and the team grew in size and expertise. The initial step into designing their own clothing paved the way for the creation of the brand's first exclusive collection.To differentiate the brand from the store, a new name was given to thelatter. This strategic move not only set apart the store and the in-house brand but also allowed each entity to flourish independently.From its humble origins as a multi-label store to evolving into a dynamic and influential brand, Eightyfive's story is one of passion, vision, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity in the world of fashion.